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Guitar Lessons

This space chose Bub Pratt, Curator of Kukuau Studio, to provide the foundation for a niche that Hilo has been sorely lacking: a platform for people to share their creativity in real time, where the community can come together to nourish the pursuit and generation of the arts. The stage is open, we encourage you to contact us with any ideas or just show up to one of our many events.

Private party rates start at $200 for a weekday event, $300 Fri-Sun. This includes use of the p.a. & 3 microphones for 3 hours, plus appropriate time to set-up & tear down. Music is pau by 9pm. Add $50 per use of additional instruments or equipment, ie. projector, piano, amplifiers, drums, guitars, basses, audio recording & streaming.

Bub Pratt, has created or helped create several gallery/studio art spaces & many art installations while working within the city of Bremerton WA. & the Amy Burnett Gallery from 2003-2010. He’s also known as a poet, singer, songwriter & music instructor specializing in guitar for 20 years & now, the Curator at Kukuau Studio.


  1. Very enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere to hear some good jazz in Hilo town! Mahalo!

  2. This is great blog, I will certainly be back.

  3. Missed you guys tonight , see you all soon.

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