vocalization class

Instructor bio:

Musician/singer/songwriter/guitarist/poet/instructor/producer. . .

Bub Pratt’s Platform for Music

Specializing in all fretted instruments, improvisation, composition, beginning piano & performance.

The musical styles focused on with students really depends on the student, what they want to learn & what they plan on doing with the their music. His curriculum can fit with any song, most techniques & any style (such as pop, (rock, blues, country, hip hop, folk) Jazz, Latin & intro to Classical), songwriting/composition, sight reading (upon request) & vocal lessons with your guitar. Some other areas of focus are, how to practice, how to use a metronome, studio preparation, the four tools of improvisation, scales, all the chords & their inversions, jamming & instrument maintenance.

Pratt’s had a long list of great teachers & because of this, has had many students go on to have successful musical lives. Past students are now playing in the high school or college jazz bands, jazz choirs, music majors, writing & recording their original music, putting together bands that gig & tour, playing on the church worship team, or even the “campfire king”. The focus being, make a musical goal–how do we accomplish that? With Bub Pratt’s Platform for Music, it’s not as impossible or far away as one may think.

Rates are $20 per1/2 hour, or $35 per hour. Tuition is due at the beginning of the month & rescheduling is easy with 24 hours notice. Family discounts are available.

To sign up for lessons, click the contact link with your name, contact info & description of where you are musically now & what you’d like to learn. We look forward to hearing from you.

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