Guitar Lessons

Oceans & Bridges is the name of Bub Pratt’s newest collection of songs due to be released December 2017 under the label Kukuau Studio. His music is eclectic, high energy, conscious & positive with collaborations that feature some amazing musicians from the Big Island and around the world. You can listen to the YouTube version by clicking here—>
For downloads or c.d.’s you can find your copy at itunes,
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Kukuau Studio & Bub Pratt.

With a wide array of musical styles, lush vocal harmonies, unique sounds & catchy lyrics people have been calling this album Beatles-esc, or comparing it to “Pet Sounds” by the Beach Boys with a modern edge. Of course there are a few love songs that range from joyous to melancholy but most of the song here touch on a wide range of topics like Polynesian way-finding (Paths in the Stars), friends who struggle with addiction (Meet Me Here), or an old west style movie in song (The Good, The Bad & the Lucky). “Racing Hurricanes” is a type of travel log from our last tour & “Holding Rainbows” features a spoken meditation from Rabbi Rachel. This album can work as background for your cafe, restaurant or office, dancing barefoot in your kitchen or montages in movies or commercials. Imagining many rentals cars spinning this LP–making Oceans & Bridges the theme music for innumerable vacations to Hawaii. Hope you find yourself making this music your theme for your next adventure. Total running time: 37 minutes.

Recording/mixing rates are $40 per hour. Single track recording only. Potential to be featured on the next Kukuau Studio compilation record. Original content only, No Mix tapes.

Private party rates start at $200 for a weekday event, $300 Fri-Sun. This includes use of the p.a. & 3 microphones for 3 hours, plus appropriate time to set-up & tear down. Music is pau by 9pm. Add $50 per use of additional instruments or equipment, ie. projector, piano, amplifiers, drums, guitars, basses, audio recording & streaming.

Bub Pratt, has created or helped create several gallery/studio art spaces & many art installations while working within the city of Bremerton WA. & the Amy Burnett Gallery from 2003-2010. He’s also known as a poet, singer, songwriter & music instructor specializing in guitar for 20 years & now, the Curator at Kukuau Studio.